The mission of Estrebillo Law Office is to provide our clients with world class professional and legal services with a touch of our very own Filipino values. With Estrebillo Law Office, you can be rest assured that nothing has been left to chance – you’ll find our dedication and commitment to your case every step of the way. Estrebillo Law Office does not allow inexperienced lawyers to handle the legal problems and cases of our clients. We will not hesitate to seek the help of other lawyers with known experience and expertise on a particular field of law, with no additional cost to you, to ensure Quality, Value and Reliability of our legal work.

The people comprising Estrebillo Law Office will be your lawyer, your personal guide to the complex legal world, and can even be your friends. We will advise you and show you how you can protect your rights and interests without necessarily spending a fortune. Yes, we will never hesitate to teach you how you can do it on your own and even advise you against filing any suit in court if not really necessary. We will explain to you the technical procedure before judicial and quasi-judicial bodies so that you will know what to expect and what not to expect in the course of the trial or proceedings in your case. Keeping abreast with the ever changing statutes, jurisprudence, and technical procedures  affecting your rights and interests are our lifetime commitment.

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