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The Law Office was informally established sometime in April 1996 with the primary purpose of handling the pro-bono cases of its founder Edgar Allan C. Estrebillo. However, by reason of the continuous referral of meritorious cases by relatives and friends of those whom the Law Office has helped, it accommodated cases of a select paying clientele and formally established the Law Office in April 2000.

Edgar Allan C. Estrebillo brought into the Law Office his extensive and solid experience as a private law practitioner that he acquired in his previous law firms. His wide exposure into the different fields and aspect of the practice of law has given the Law Office the flexibility and competence to handle various legal problems and cases in the domain of corporate law, labor standards and labor relations, insurance law, civil law, transportation law, administrative law, immigration law, criminal law, intellectual property law, election law and agrarian reform law.

The knowledge and skill acquired by Arlene C. Estrebillo during her employment with the government has given the Law Office added dimension to its advocacy and practice of law.

To ensure the quality of its legal services, the Law Office has adopted a policy of maintaining a modest but prominent client base and in handling a few cases at a time.

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